I saw a couple of pictures on Twitter the other day of these so called ‘creepysheep’ with almost a Cheshire cat like face. I would not of made the link between the faces and a roller-coaster! I think it’s incredibly clever!

When I thought about it further, I wondered: why sheep? But then thinking about it further, sheep move allot, are often in herds. Therefore, they would appear very creepy and catch passers-by eyes. The images of the sheep reminded me of the YouTube Video ‘Extreme sheep herding-with lights’-

Alton towers created a photo opportunity with the sheep and the projections onto London buildings-

The Sheep sparked  a huge twitter hype with 81 photos being shared on twitter before the press had even picked it up! I also find it interesting how they adapted the ‘Creepysmile’ for rural areas, using the sheep, and the urban areas in London- projecting the Smile on London buildings (from which YouTube videos have also been posted).

The stunt also gained much media relation coverage. The Metro had an exclusive with Alton towers when they revealed that the stunt was their doing. I think this was a smart paper to choose even though it is not a nationwide paper. It is the kind of story people will definitely read on the London tube; the Pictures will attract those sitting opposite.

I read that it sparked ideas of aliens linking them to crop circles which, after looking at the futuristic structure or the ride, would of aided with the ride’s promotion. 

The stunt did gain some negative responses with people suggesting it was ‘harmful’ to spray sheep. I think this is non-sense and people just being petty- sheep are sprayed by their own farmers with tracking numbers, and their wool sheered so i can’t see the issue.

Overall, I really like this stunt. I think it was effective, unique and well executed. It was covered on an extensive range of Pr channels and spread across the UK. It certainly makes me want to follow the progress of the ride and experience it myself!

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